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SGC Avenir Mardi Gras of BelRouge


QGC Avenir Mardi Gras of BelRougeQGC Avenir Mardi Gras of BelRougeQGC Avenir Mardi Gras of BelRouge

Photos above by Helmi. October 2011.  Pictures below are of Mardi at 7 months old during one of the very few snow falls in Atlanta. He is a Seal Lynx Point "Snow" which means that he will always have bright blue eyes and his spots will darken up as he gets older.  Mardi became a Champion at his first show in Atlanta Georgia.  He has a lot more contrast these days and the sweetest personality.  In one show ring he snuggled and kissed on the judge so much that she exclaimed, "I've just been chatted up by a Bengal."   That is just Mardi's everyday self...he is a real Casanova.

CH Heavenlyspots Gabriel of BelRouge


Gabe 3gabe

gabe 11gabe 4gabe 4


CH Belrouge Platinum Edge - "Eddie"

Eddie is a fabulous silver with dark, inky/rosetted spots and terrific acreage.  He is pelted and extremely clear coated.  To say that Eddie has a solid, athletic build would be a gross understatement.  He is solid muscle, a real big boy who throws large boy who produces large healthy kittens.  He has a wild, typey face, puffy, white whisker pads and a beautiful butterfly on his shoulder blades!  His father is CH Victorysbengals Steely of Bluewater (pictured below).  At the Atlanta Show in March, he earned his championship.

  eddie silver bengalBelrouge Platium Edge

Past Sires:

BelRouge Olympic Gold


Ollie is a BST or black (brown) spotted tabby, with whited expressions and light golden undertones on his spotted belly.  He has rounded well placed ears and a beautiful typee head.  His profile is not roman but quite straight.  His black eyeliner and facial marking are very contrasted and wild looking.   He is long and strong, able to leap to the top of his cat tree in a single bound! The son of Sunbright Beau Case of BelRouge.  He is the king of his castle!

bengal catbengal laying on the floor

bengal catbengal cat on cat tree

Sunbright Beau Chase of Belrouge


This is Sunbright “Beau Chase” of Belrouge, our handsome golden boy. Beau enjoys sitting in his kitty condo and playing “chase”. He is an F-5 Bengal, bred from three different Asian Leopard Cat lines.  He is a descendent of the Leopole, Kent and Centerwall ALCs. With all this wild leopard blood, one might think that he would be a tiger, but quite the contrary. Beau has a sweet loveable disposition; he is truly a lap leopard.

His mother, Asahi Blondie of Sunbright, is the daughter of IW SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION MILLWOOD ISCHIRON OF DREAMLAND. Beau has a long distinguished pedigree. He is named for his father Cedar Wood Chase of Sunbright.

Beau is a brown spotted Bengal, with a soft glittered pelt and whited tummy. He has warm orange background coloring and dark inky spots. He has puffy white whisker pads and a nice profile. He has the most wonderful shaped small ears and almond eyes.  The last picture is from when he was four months old.

Belrouge Bengal cat Beau 1Belrouge Bengal Cat Beau spotted male with marbled female 2Bengal Cat in dryer beau 3Bengal Cat -  Sunbright Beau Chase of Belrouge 4

Belrouge Java Heartthrob


Java Heartthrob has exquisite pelt, supremely contrasted wild face with dark eyeliner and masking along with a golden undertone, we believe he will do exceedingly well as our newest show cat and as one of our fine studs. His nose profile is very straight.  He loves to run through the grass, prancing through the flower gardens and on the occasional wind blown leaf. He also enjoys climbing onto the highest book shelves to find a wonderful view from above and a great place to get away for a few extra cat naps. His favorite toy has become an irresistible catnip stuffed heart.

Male Bengal Cat - Belrouge Java Heartthrob 1Bengal Cat - Belrouge Java Heartthrob 2Bengal Cat Stud - Belrouge Java Heartthrob

Reference Sires:

CH Victorysbengals Steely of Bluewater

Steely Photo by Helmi Flick

Breeder: Jesse Bradford and Sam Underwood

RW SGC Decospots Surefire of Elitebengals

RW Supreme Grand Champion Decospots Surefire of Elite Bengals